Rajasthan, the state where history blends with innovation, opens its arms wide and invites explorers from over the world. There are palaces, gardens, museums, exhibition halls and forts in this vivid Indian state, however, the lakes in Rajasthan – their appeal is unmatchable.

Vestiges of grand palaces, encompassing Aravalli Hills, and encompassing heaps of striking white salt make the lakes progressively delightful. Add a dash of amaze to your next outing to Rajasthan by visiting probably the most entrancing lakes in Rajasthan.

Mansagar Lake, Jaipur

Mansagar Lake

With the scenery of Nahargarh Hills, Mansagar Lake appeals with the noteworthy Jal Mahal. Actually, this is among those Rajasthan lakes where boating isn’t permitted, be that as it may, a perception point on its bank permits a deep all-encompassing perspective on the region.

Numerous transitory feathered creatures –, for example, blue-followed honey bee-eaters, dim heron and wagtails – can be seen here. Pick a settlement that allows you to appreciate the excellence of the lake at whatever point you need.

Sambhar Salt Lake, Jaipur

sambhar lake

Comprised of water is saltier than seawater, Sambhar Salt Lake is somewhat not the same as other Rajasthan lakes. This is the biggest inland salt lake in India, prestigious for lodging the biggest salt creation house in India. Likewise, it is generally a significant lake that discovers notice in the Mahabharata.

Since Sambhar Salt Lake is among the lesser known lakes in Rajasthan, whoever visits the area gets the chance to observe the genuine ethnicity and culture. In any case, numerous individuals visit the lake to appreciate birdwatching, safari, and other touring attractions.

Ana Sagar Lake, Ajmer

Ana Sagar Lake

Crossing over an area of 13 km sq, Ana Sagar Lake in Ajmer goes back to 1135 AD, when it was charged by the granddad of Prithvi Raj Chauhan, Anaji Tomar. The island on its middle is open by vessel rides, and the banks have structures and gardens which raise the excellence of Ana Sagar, one of the prettiest lakes in Rajasthan.

Pushkar Lake, Pushkar

Pushkar Lake

Maybe relatively few individuals know, yet Pushkar Lake is a Hindu journey spot. Also, according to Hindu scriptures, this spot is Tirtha Raj (most significant water-body journey spot). The fundamental feature of the lake is the sanctuary of Lord Brahma, alongside 500 different temples.

Pushkar lake has 53 bathing ghats, and the water is accepted to have restorative properties. In case you’re intending to visit this otherworldly den, pick from the most astonishing retreats in Pushkar for an essential remain.

Nakki Lake, Mount Abu

Nakki lake

Nakki Lake is settled in the delightful hill station, Mount Abu. Nakki, which implies nails in the local dialect, got its name from the well-known story in the district that recommends that the lake is uncovered from nails.

The grand setting weaves an ideal den for couples, and this is the reason it is otherwise called the “Affection Lake of Mount Abu”. Likewise, Nakki Lake is viewed as sacrosanct for the Garasia clan, who revere the lake in recognition of their predecessors.

Siliserh Lake, Alwar

Siliserh lake

Sprawling over a territory of 7 kilometers, this enchanting pool of Siliserh is fixed in Rajasthan and owes its foundation to Maharaja Vinay Khan in the year 1845. Some time ago worked to supply water to the city of Alwar, this lake houses a striking Lake royal residence which was said to have been made for the Maharaja’s cherished. Found somewhere in the range of 13 kilometers from the city of Alwar, this lake plays a well-known site for picnics.


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