Tuesday, June 18, 2019

Welcome To Near Jaipur?

We are a team of techies, and travel is our (only) passion. Our goal is to help our visitors plan their trips better with detailed travel guide, best itineraries, weekend getaways from major cities, driving directions, trip duration, and ability to explore destinations around their city or close to their driving route. Based out of Jaipur, the portal was started as a hobby with limited data. Driven by encouraging response from our visitors, it became full-time passion since July 2015 and the result is what you are browsing now.

Why Choose Us

Working at Near Jaipur is bound to be one of the most amazing experiences of your life. The bonds you build, the friends you make and the stupendous learning opportunities you get, are just some of these.

Great Peers

We are a team of achievers. Our folks are ambitious, go getters, fun loving, aware and proactive

Most Trusted Brand

With a strong focus on fulfilling customer needs and service, we are the most trusted online travel brand

Fun & Work

Hackathons, Cricket Matches, Festival Celebrations, Yummy Food Stalls,Surprise Games…. working with us is never boring!

Open Culture

Every view and opinion is heard and respected. We talk to people not their designations.

Our Team

We’ve been travelling the world for over 10 years, building a reputation for providing quality travel content that’s inspiring, engaging and informative. With all of our guides and features written and updated by a global network of expert travel writers that includes some of the best names in the business, we pride ourselves on producing content that stands out from the crowd.

Content Solutions

As one of the world’s leading travel content providers, its flexible approach means it can package existing travel content, or its editorial team can develop unique, accurate and tailored content in a style and tone to match briefs.

Join Near Jaipur For Advertising

If you are looking for excitement and challenge, and are fascinated by the travel industry, we are looking for you! Are you ready for the adrenaline rush of working at Near Jaipur? Drop us a mail at contact@nearjaipur.com and we shall get back to you