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Rajasthan is the land of the Maharajas and it is famous for its rich culture. But what makes the state unique and popular are its dishes. Rajasthani loves their food and it is also evident in their preparations. Rajasthani dishes provide some exotic and luxurious combo food and dishes that certainly delight the taste buds of the dishes.

Dal Bati Churma

dal bati churma

Dal Bati and Churma is a quintessential dish of Rajasthan. It is a complete dish that can satisfy the craving immediately. On the other hand, Churma is a sweet dish that is prepared in desi ghee and is eaten with Dal Baati. The genesis of Dal Bati and Churma is credited to the fact that soldiers during battle time needed food that could last longer and also provide a sufficient amount of energy. The baatis are baked flaky round breads made of gehun ka atta (wheat flour), rava (semolina), besan (Bengal gram flour), salt, milk and ghee that are typically served with dal after dipping in ghee. One of the most famous dishes from the state, no Rajasthani food is complete without Dal Bati Churma.



Ghevar is a sweet dish, popularly found in Rajasthan.  Ghevar is specially made and consumed during the local festivals like Teej, Gangaur, and Makar Sankranti. In some places, it is associated with the Indian festival of Raksha Bandhan or Rakhi. In this region, Ghevar is synonymous with Teej festival which falls in the Hindu month of Savan or monsoon season in July or August. Anyone visiting Rajasthan must taste this delicious sweet dish.

Moong Ki Daal Ka Halwa

moong dal halwa

Winters in Rajasthan are known for delicious Moong Ki Daal Ka Halwa. A favored dessert that can be eaten throughout the year, Moong Dal Ka Halwa is a delectable and nutritious food usually eaten after a meal. It is prepared from Moong dal and garnished with rich dry fruits. The savory taste can be experienced in every bite of it. Drenched in desi ghee, the fragrance of this dessert is capable of luring an individual anytime.

Rajasthani Kadi

rajasthani kadi

Marwari Kadhi is a traditional Rajasthani main course recipe, which also enjoyed with chapati and paratha. Kadhi is a great part of the North Indian cuisine and has several variations and which have different- different flavors also. One such variation is the Marwari Kadhi recipe, which is also popularly known as ‘Rajasthani Kadhi’. Rajasthani kadi is tasty and spicy, which gives a different beginning to your taste buds. This is a very quick and easy preparation made with spicy yogurt-based gravy which is thickened with gram flour. It goes best with steamed rice and this combination is quite popular in Rajasthan as ‘Kadhi-Chawal’.

Ker Sangri

ker sangri saag

A delightful bean and berry combo unique to Rajasthan, Ker Sangri is a traditional, spicy subzi made from the ker berry and sangri bean. This dish is more famous in the Marwar region. The additional of raises brings out the brilliance of this recipe, as it enhances the flavor of all the spicy ingredients while also providing sweet respites in every spoonful.

Boondi Raita

boondi raita

A very famous dish enjoyed by every North Indian, it balances the taste of spices in your food and enhances its flavor. The mild and salty boondi mixed with sweet and sour yogurt makes a mouthwatering combination. You can also serve this Boondi raita immediately if you want to enjoy the crunch of the boondi. Take care while adding salt to the raita, because the boondi also has salt in it. Mostly Boondi raita goes very well with rice dishes like Biryani or Pulao.

Shahi Gatte

saahi gatte

Shahi Gatta, also known as Govind Gate, is a rich version of the popular dish, the Masala Gate. This dish is made with boiled gram flour dipped in a yogurt and tomato gravy. It can be served with rice, and with any kind of bread. Rajasthan and its dishes always like everyone. It is always associated with vibrant colors, even in clothing and in food. This royal gate vegetable is an essential part of Rajasthan food. This dish is very tasty and has high protein content.

Churma Ladoo

churma laddo

Churma Ladoo is a delicious dessert from Rajasthan and is often served with traditional Rajasthani food of lentils and bati. It’s very simple and easy to make. It is made from wheat and is usually prepared during Karva Chauth and other vows. These ladoos are served as sweets after any meal. Rajasthani keeps it in the form of churma or makes laddu of it.

Bajra ki Roti with Lehsun Chutney

Bajra ki Roti Lehsun Chutney

The millet bread made from millet (bajra) is a very popular and healthy flatbread which is popular all over Rajasthan. Millet eaten by most states of India is the most popular dish of Rajasthan. The taste of crispy bread with Lehsun and onion sauce is very good. This spicy dish of Rajasthan makes your mouth feel garlic and chilli powder. Although it can be taken with any vegetable dishes or curry, but usually it is served with onion and garlic sauce. This combination remains the main food for local people. As delicious dishes descend from your throat, you can feel the beautiful taste of Rajputana.

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