kale hanuman ji
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Kale Hanuman Ji temple is located close to the Hawa Mahal in Jaipur. It is one of the pristine temples in India. This temple was upbuilt approx  1000 years before. This temple is famous for Lord Hanuman, who is familiar with his devotion to Lord Rama.

The idol in this temple is black in color. Generally, the idol of Hanuman Ji is either red or orange in color, in spite, Kale Hanumanji is popular for its unique colored deity’s idol. Devotees feel a varying insight inside the temple and therefore they carry so many faiths in their hearts towards the supreme.

kale hanuman ji

The most valuable thing about this temple is that it provides adorer a religious and spiritual experience. They chant particular Hanumanji Mantra to gain wealth, knowledge and health. This temple is qualified as prominent and very famous not only as per the tourist destination but also for its Indian tradition and ancient popularity.

History of Kale Hanumanji Temple

Before the foundation of Jaipur city, the workers and constructors were hired all way from Calcutta to build the Kale Hanumanji Temple. As per ‘Vaastu’, the pillars and the whole temple had been upbuilt as per ‘ Pushya Nakshatra’.

 hanuman temple

In the temple, there is one main idol of Hanumanji along with the idol of Sitaji and Ramji. Adorer says that they feel undeviating connectivity with Lord Hanuman in this temple. This Hindu figure of Lord Hanumana is an emblem of physical strength and perseverance.

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