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Nagaur is a town in Rajasthan. It extends within the middle of Jodhpur and Bikaner. From Jodhpur, it’s simply at 135 km. it’s a historical city that has several palaces and shrines and additionally a pristine fort. it’s a noted place because the state’s biggest bovine fairs square measure control here. The climate of Nagaur is extremely dry and summers square measure sometimes hot. The winter season is from November to March.

Here you’ll delight the country’s rural charm and also the colorful life which might be even seen on the way. Here you’ll be able to see the foremost fascinating sight of the red chilies that square measure being dried in open fields. Here the visitors will assume the spectacular fort and additionally the attractive tourist camps. This place is additionally related to some noteworthy mosques.

Nagaur Fort

Holding associate ancient charm, Nagaur Fort is one of the most visiting places in Nagaur. called the symbol of wars within the earlier times, its historical design makes it one amongst the many places within the state. The fort was developed around the 4th century by the Nagavanshis and later it had been re-established by Ghaznivities within the 12th century. The fort options variety of mahals located among the Nagaur Fort wherever folks will witness the complex work of the walls and therefore the luring read of the marvelous beauty.

Tarkeen Dargah

The Tarkeen Dargah is found among the walls of the Nagaur fort and is one amongst the many sites for the Muslim kinship group followed by the Ajmer-e-Sharif Dargah. this can be thought of united of the vital attractions within the list of places to go to in Nagaur. The Dargah is very revered and was inbuilt the remembrance of Khwaja Hamiduddin Nagauri UN agency was one amongst the trustworthy folks for Khwaja Moinuddin Chisti. whereas visiting Nagaur, ensure to not miss out on this place that still holds a unique charm.

Amar Singh’s Cenotaph

Built-in the honor of Amar Singh UN agency was a famed Rajput people idol, this yellow masonry cenotaph still stands in Nagaur town. self-praise the gorgeous flower-patterned styles that are graven at the memorial and aboard that, there’s masonry done on the monuments.

Jain Glass Temple

This temple is one of the illustrious places to visit in Nagaur that is thought for its extraordinary design. The creative craftwork mimics the unimaginable work of old-age works created by Jain Holy Scriptures. And on prime of that, there’s a marble art that beautifies the place. This place is a perfect attraction to witness the idols of Jain Lord Mahavira and therefore the different revered 23 Jain Tirthankaras.

Deepak Mahal

Nagaur Fort is additionally home to the illustrious Deepak Mahal that is found among its boundaries and offers a shocking read to capture once within the city. The walls of the fort are decorated associated boast an exclusive style that is principally flower brindle. Adorned by the marvelous structural beauty, this place is a must-visit for the folks that like to explore the traditional royal palaces.

Akbari Mahal

This palace is found within the Nagaur fort and boasts the impressive design that may be a reflection of the Mughal and Rajput art. the most highlight of the palace is that the interiors that are decorated by the embellished glass and mirror work and domestically known as the Sheesh Mahal. Nowadays, the palace is in shackles, however, efforts are created by the government to revive this beauty in its original state.

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