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Moti Dungri Temple describes the development of pristine Indian tectonics and its relation with the mind and psychics. The time you spend in this temple can recourse your depression, mental anxieties, and many other strain problems. Visiting Moti Dungri is a matter of hours although sometimes it can be visited within a few minutes. Temple has three well-built domes and it covers more than 2 km area. 

The idol of the Lord Ganesha is in the nucleus of the temple. The name of the temple means Moti- The pearl and Dungri- it is the word used to explain Small Mountain in Rajasthani. It is a must-visit site in Jaipur.

History of Moti Dungri Temple

moti dungri temple

Temple has a very interesting story with the King of Mewar. Old natives living here states that once Sawai Madho Singh Ji was returning from the journey with the statue of Lord Ganesha with him. The King committed that I’ll build a temple wherever the bullock cart would stop. The bullock cart stopped at the foothills of the Moti Dungri where the temple is now located. This event happened in the late 17th Century.

Another story attached to the history of Moti Dungri Temple is that Madho Singh wanted this statue in Jaipur. So, the royal transport of his kingdom was carrying this figure of Lord Ganesha in the bullock cart and on the way, the cart stopped at the bottom of Moti Dungri, Jaipur. Even after several attempts, no one was able to move the bullock cart. At last, King ordered to construct the temple in Moti Dungri.

It took 4 months for the construction process to be completed. The temple was constructed in 1761 AD. The supreme of the construction was Mahant Shiv Narain Ji and Seth Jai Ram Paliwal.

Religious Significance in Jaipur

ganesh temple

This temple is one of the most visited Ganesh Temples in India. Approximately thousands of adorers visit the temple, daily. Every Wednesday a small fair is organized outside the temple, in which many visitors offer their prayers to Lord Ganesh and buy things from there and savor themselves with mesmerizing street foods. You can witness a huge religious group of people on the festival of Ganesh Chaturthi. Newly married couples and their families come here to offer a prayer for their well-being and complete their traditional journey.

Visiting hours: 4:30 am to 9:30 pm

Famous For: Religious, Experience Seeker

Entry Fee: Free


When someone talks about the must-visit place in Jaipur, Moti Dungri temple has a special place and experience. If you want to know about the Hindu religion and ancient India closely, you need to visit here.

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