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The Ranakpur Jain Temple is situated in the Ranakpur village that lies within the Sadri city of Rajasthan’s Pali district. because it falls between Jodhpur and Udaipur, it makes for a wonderful tourist attraction and maybe a must-visit for anyone visiting the city. Since it’s situated in an exceedingly natural depression on the western side of the sprawling Aravalli range, Ranakpur provides some gorgeous landscapes.

ranakpur temple

The temple is devoted to Rishabhanatha or Tirthankara Adinatha, the primary lord or Tirthankara of Jainism. it’s one amongst the 5 major holy pilgrim sites of Jainism.

Construction of the Ranakpur Jain temple is believed to possess begun within the 15th century. it had been the results of a divine vision that came to a businessman of affairs named Dharna Shah who then started the development.

The Ranakpur Jain Temple is known for its beautiful marble design. it’s over 1400 distinct marble pillars with intrinsic carvings that are appreciated all over the world. The temple has been designed with 4 faces, thereby giving it the name chaumukha. Its design is believed to possess found its inspiration from the traditional Mirpur Jain temple.

Both Ranakpur and also the Jain temple named after a monarch named Rana Kumbha, who supported the development of the temple. The Ranakpur Jain temple is additionally referred to as the Chaumukha Jain temple (based on its design as mentioned above).

The beautiful design and intriguing history build Ranakpur Jain temple a particularly enticing tourist place in Rajasthan. During the Paryushana period, a variety of Jain devotees visit this holy pilgrim site to pay their respects. it’s a unique epitome of Indian culture and architectural brilliance.

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