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The Shilpgram is a perfect place to travel and explore the inventive rapture of the Indian culture. In this place history, culture, and heritage are bound together to supply a beautiful image of the elegant Indian past. Rajiv Gandhi inaugurated Shilpgram within the year 1989.

The place is located in the western Udaipur, Shilpgram is settled at a distance of 3 km from Udaipur city. Surrounded by the Aravali ranges, the Shilpgram is unfolded around 70 acres of an undulating section, creating a comical and stable place within the lap of nature.

How To Reach Shilpgram


The Shilpgram is located about 10 km far away from Lal Ghat, Shilpgram is settled at an associate convenient location. you’ll be able to take a flight, train or a bus to reach in Shilpgram.

Airport- The Maharana Pratap Airport is found 23.3 km faraway from Shilpgram. Once you out of the airport, you’ll be able to take a used cab or taxi service to reach your location.

Train- The Udaipur railway station is found 2.4 km faraway from Shilpgram. you’ll be able to take a cab or an auto-rickshaw from the station to reach Shilpgram.

Public Transport- there’s lots of deluxe and non-deluxe buses are available to and from Udaipur. The State-run buses are the most effective option.

Entry Fees And Timings Of Shilpgram


• Shilpgram is open all day of the week.

• Timing: From 11 AM To 7 PM.

• The Haat Bazaar is open daily. 

• The price of tickets for Indian adults and children is Rs. 30 and Rs. 15 per person severally. Whereas the value of tickets for foreigners is Rs. 50 per person.

Best Time To Go To Shilpgram


The Shilpgram is at its best in December. Last 10 days of the year, the annual fair is directed. The pleasant nature of the festival offers each academic edges and amusement. The Shilpgram takes place once a year for 10 days from 21st December to 30th December.

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Things To Do At Shilpgram


• you’ll be able to dance to the native beats, style native foods, shop around at the breathless stunts like reconciliation on the ropes, swinging, walking on the pans.

• you’ll be able to see art exhibitions; communicate with the carpenters, potters, blacksmiths, weavers, needleworkers, and all the other vocational denizen to find out regarding their struggles, successes, and failures. If you like hearing stories, this is the most important thing to do.

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• you’ll be able to have a short inspect the tremendous inventive wonders within the type of mirror and beadwork, weaving, pottery, and embroidery. These are housed within the 7 different huts from Gujarat. The elaborately carven hut created of wood belongs to the Gandhinagar region of Gujarat.

• The 5 shacks of Goa showcase the house of a skilled worker and also the potter’s hut alongside the grass weavers and cane.

• The Maharashtra area hut presents marvelous wall paintings, pristine and eternal lost-wax casting work, leather slippers and dokras, and much more.

• If you want to urge a lot of profound data of art and craft skills, you’ll be able to attend the workshops and camps operated at Shilpgram. you’ll be able to realize and observe the art of decorating metal, and designing, textile, wooden, terracotta, and bamboo artifacts.

• If you have got a bent for hoarding intricate items of arts, places like Shilpgram are only for you. you’ll be able to purchase a number of the unreliable items of furnishings, glass-works, delicately hand-spun and adorned ornamented of clothing, cute trinkets, jewelry, and beautiful handicrafts.

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