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Rajasthan is the largest state of the country; it is located in the northwest of India. The magic of Rajasthan lies in its sand dunes, its vibrancy in its lively folk songs and its history of its forts and palaces. Featuring a unique mixture of historical marvel and cultural treasures, it is known as the Land of Kings. It is known for the undulating sand dunes of the Thar Desert and its vibrant colors, this is a royal state is a must see. Here are several reasons to visit “Royal State Rajasthan”:

Spectacular Forts

Amer Fort Jaipur

Rajasthan is a place where childhood stories of all Prince and Princesses come alive with the well-preserved forts and palaces, speaking out loud about their glorious past. These Forts and splendid palaces are built by the many Rajput kings that ruled this land; each has its own unique blend of architecture and design.  From Hawa Mahal to Jai Mahal, the artwork, architecture, concept, and paintings are the brilliance of sheer. One could visit the corridors of the hundred feet Mehrangarh Fort in Jodhpur, and fabulous beauty of Amer Fort and visit The City Palace in Jaipur – which is the largest in the state. One could also admire the intricate details in the “jharokas” of Patwon Ki Haveli in Jaisalmer, etc. People can with a slight imagination, one can travel back.

Best Time to Visit: Mid October to Mid March is the most pleasant time to visit Magnificent Forts and you can also visit in monsoon season.

Rajasthan Fairs and Festivals

Jaipur Kite Festival

Rajasthan is famed all over the world for its colorful fairs and festivals, held throughout the year. The fairs and festivals of Rajasthan have intelligently preserved the culture and traditions which leave everyone enjoyed with their vibrancy. The annual Pushkar fair is a world-famous event in Rajasthan that celebrates the traditional music, dance, handicrafts and other art forms stored in different parts of Rajasthan. Here every month hosts some exciting event, such as the International Kite Festival (Jan), the Desert Festival (Feb), the Elephant Fair (Mar), the Teej Festival (August), Rajasthan International Folk Festival (Oct), The Pushkar Fair (Nov), and The Magnetic Fields Festival (Dec). These are of course separate from the many religious festivals, such as on Holi also in Rajasthan witnessed a major influx of tourists.

The Wildlife Sanctuaries


Rajasthan is a place in India where large numbers of wildlife can be seen. There are a dozen wildlife sanctuaries in Rajasthan housing many endangered birds and animals like Sariska Tiger Reserve, Ranthambore National Park, Bharatpur Bird sanctuary, and Kumbalgarh sanctuary, etc. Nature lovers have much to look forward to in this royal state. These nature parks offer an unmatched experience to wildlife enthusiasts and nature lovers.  It has also preserved many endangered species, the tiger being one among them. You have a lifetime opportunity to get up close and personal with some amazing animals.

Best Time to Visit: The winter’s season is best for wildlife adventures.

The Heritage Hotels

Heritage Hotels

Rajasthan is known for its stunning palaces, and now many of the stunning palaces of Rajasthan have been turned into opulent heritage hotels that offer a warm ambiance laced with royal comforts and grandeur that the erstwhile kings and queens were known to relish. The Umaid Bhawan Palace in Jodhpur, Taj Lake Palace in Udaipur, Rambagh Palace in Jaipur and Samode Palace in Jaipur are a few of the most popular heritage hotels that keep alive the princely traditions and culture of the state. Whenever your mind you can visit heritage hotels but mostly peoples have visited Heritage hotels in the vacation period.

Rajasthan Royal Cuisine

daal bati churma

Rajasthani cuisine is famous for the fiery flavors that entice everyone to try it. The exquisiteness of Rajasthani cuisine is ascribed to the royal kingdoms that flourished in the state and influenced the local cuisine. Here Ghee is used generously in all the dishes. Due to the scarcity of water and lack of green vegetation, they are mostly known for snacks, which can be preserved. Some popular dishes of Rajasthan worth relishing are Gatte Ki curry, Dal Bati Churma, Kadhi, kachoris, Ghevar, and Malpuas, etc.  You can always taste the famous Rajasthan cuisine; you don’t need for any special time for this.

Desert Safari

Jaisalmer Desert

Splendid deserts, marvelous palaces, and alluring grandeur make Rajasthan a top tourist destination. Meticulously designed Rajasthan Desert Safari tour offers exciting opportunities to creates memories of a lifetime amidst the golden sand dunes of the desert state. In Jaisalmer, The famous Desert festival, organized by the Department of Tourism around January-February, goes on for three whole days and lets you enjoy here the rich and colorful Rajasthani folk culture.  Along with this, the well-planned itinerary gives you a good time to explore the desert in wonderful city Jodhpur also.  As the sun slowly disappears, easing the temperature and making way for a calm evening, the view is breathtaking.  Taking the camel ride, walking through the deserts, enjoying some local cuisine as well as some traditional dance performances, all are a good experience in The Desert.

Best Time: January to March.


Rajasthani Culture

Rajasthan is one of the top cultural states of India and it is known for its culture where different communities are put together. So even in Rajasthan, you get rich and diverse folk culture from the villages and they are famous for their folk music and dance. To a lesser extent, the topography or landscape here has played a major role in shaping Rajasthan’s current cultural practices. Here the festive atmosphere of fairs, festivals, and colorful costumes lures you more.

During all Fairs and Festivals, you can easily see the culture of Rajasthan.

The Alluring Lakes

Lake Pichola

There are several beautiful lakes in Rajasthan which act as prominent tourist landmarks and embellish the beauty of the areas around them. Of course, Lake Pichola in Udaipur City enjoys popularity like no other. An artificial freshwater lake, it houses two islands, Jag Niwas and Jag Mandir. One can also find the Fateh Sagar Lake here. Then, there is The Nakki Lake in the hill station of Mount Abu, which is considered to be sacred. Also, Jaisamand Lake in Udaipur, Mansagar Lake and Sambhar Salt Lake in Jaipur and Pushkar Lake in Pushkar are a few of the mesmerizing lakes in the state.

Best Time to Visit: In the summer or monsoon season.

Shopping Bazaar

Sireh Dohri Bazaar

The bustling bazaars of Rajasthan have some of the best places for shopping and this is because shopping here is a good way of discovering the cultural side of the city. For ethnic handlooms, handicrafts, and artifacts, no city is better than Jaipur. Some are full of ethnic handicrafts and artifacts, while others are dedicated to traditional jewelry, spices, miniature paintings, textiles, and so much more. Some of the best places are Johari Bazar in Jaipur, and Clock Tower Market in Jodhpur. Hathi Pol Bazar, famous for Rajasthani miniature paintings and Bada Bazar in Udaipur displays a wide range of exotic items. Another exciting place for shopping is Sadar Bazar in Pushkar, where one can get items like puppets, leatherwear, textiles, and a lot more.

Rajasthani Folk Dance

Gair Dance

Rajasthan has many forms of folk dances which are attractive, skillful and very enjoyable by any age group. Rajasthani folk dances are popular all around the globe. Some of the Rajasthan’s traditional dance forms are very much different as an only skilled person can do it. The Ghoomar dance and Kalbeliya dance of Jaisalmer have gained international recognition. Folk music is a vital part of the Rajasthani culture. Some of the best-known folk dances of Rajasthan are Gair, Ghoomar, Kalbelia, Bhavai, Rasleela, Fire Dance, Kachhi Ghodi, Terah Taali, Chakri, Chari Dance, Drum Dance, Bhil Gawari, Kathputli Dance and more. Among all folk dances, Ghoomar, Kathputli (Puppet) and Kalbelia (Sapera or Snake Charmer) dance, which attract tourists very much.

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