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Located in Ajmer district within the Indian State of Rajasthan, the Kishangarh city is located 18 miles north-west of Ajmer and 90 km distant from the royal city of Jaipur. Several best places to visit in Kishangarh are Kishangarh fort, Pitamber Ki Gaal (a picnic spot), and Mokham Vilas. The most stunning ancient painting referred to as Bani-Thani is carved on one of the postal stamps by the Indian government adds the richness and royalty to the city. If you’re a nature lover and looking out for associate exciting getaway, we’ve listed all the superb tourist-friendly places to explore in Kishangarh. thus suppose no additional, scroll down, and create the foremost out of it by adding these glorious places to your visiting list.

1. Kishangarh Fort

kishangarh fort

The perfect fort of Kishangarh is an associate embodiment of the Rajput and Mughal architectural technique. in-built 1649 by Maharaja Swaroop Singh, Kishangarh Fort is thought to be one of the most popular places to visit in Kishangarh. The fort took the name of its ruler and is commonly known as Roopangarh Fort. The fort is located at a distance of 27 km from city Ajmer on the road that links India and Pakistan and is therefore kept under important direction. Entry to the Kishangarh fort is restricted, and only the tourists residing in the hotel Phool Mahal Palace located adjacent to the fort are allowed to explore the fort.

2. Phool Mahal Palace

phool mahal palace

Constructed in 1870, Phool Mahal Palace is situated in the center of the city and is currently a boutique hotel. Phool Mahal Palace has the Kishangarh Fort in its backdrop and serene fantastic thing about the Gondulav Lake undulating in front of it, each of that structure for scenic views. Lying distant from all the chaos, it’s thought to be a bliss for nature lovers who would fancy waking up to the gorgeous reflection of the rising sun on the mirror-like water this place can make you feel no but a King thus prepare for all the posh and find spoiled with the beauty of nature.

3. Mokham Vilas

mokham vilas

Mokham Vilas that is additionally thought to be Jannat lies within the center of Gondulav Lake, a slim bridge has been created to commute to the Vilas. Mokham Vilas could be a treat to each traveler’s soul. Migratory birds take shelter on the grounds of this spot which provides nature lovers and bird watchers an additional reason to visit this it. If you’re trying to find a peaceful place far from urban chaos, you need to positively visit this visiting attraction in Kishangarh.

4. Khoda Ganesh Temple

khoda ganesh temple

Built 250 years ago by the Kishangarh Maharaja family, it’s thought-about mutually of the most famous places to visit near Kishangarh. Regarded to be the holiest place for the native people of Kishangarh, the temple is visited by freshly married couples to get the blessings of Lord Ganapati. Since Wednesday is thought to be Lord Ganesha’s day, the temple is flooded with the native crowd from town on this specific day, explaining why it’s one of the most popular places to visit in Kishangarh.

5. Gondulav Lake

gondulav lake

Boating and fish feeding being the major attractions for tourists here, Gondulav Lake lies between the old city is called the Purana Sheher and the new city called as Madanganj. The cool water flowing in front of the Phool Mahal Palace makes the place delightful, soul-soothing, and chaos-free. Once regarded as the clearest lake that was used for drink water is facing important menace for its sustenance. If you’re trying to find one of the great places to visit in Kishangarh then confirm you include Gondulav Lake.

6. Sukh Sagar

sukh sagar

The Sukh Sagar word is describing the definition of the place, which means Sukh Ka Sagar, concerning it one of the very oldest places to visit in Kishangarh, Sukh Sagar is located at the bank of Gondulav Lake, wherever the cool wind of the lake provides peace and tranquility to tourists. Sukh Sagar remains one of the most visited attractions in Kishangarh thanks to its beautiful atmosphere and peaceful aura. It’s a must-visit place in this very little city for nature lovers, trekkers, peace seekers, and bird watchers.

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