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Unlike most alternative cities in North India, Alwar in Rajasthan may be a veiled gem that doesn’t seem on travel blogs a lot, however, it is a place that you just will and should visit, particularly if you have only 1 day to travel. Alwar is one of the calmest cities within the region wherever you’ll realize forts tucked into the mountains, delectable Rajasthani cuisines and a chance to join with the local peoples.

Such places feel especially pleasant when you are already tired of the hustle-bustle of Indian cities and need to clear the confusion in your mind with slow travel. Even if you have got only one day to travel around, you’ll not feel tired in Alwar as you hop around forts and alternative places.

March To June

Most of the year Rajasthan remains a warm state, particularly from March to June when the temperature crosses 45 degrees Celsius. Since you will need to derive pleasure amusement activities in Alwar, summer isn’t the perfect time to be there unless you’ll bear the hot heat of the sun.

July To October

After the summer starts subsiding in July, the monsoon season begins. it’s sensible to avoid traveling to Alwar during high rains because the roads are clogged and several places are closed because of the tough access and risk to tourists.

However, if the showers are gentle when you decide to travel after checking the weather warnings, a touch a little bit of rain isn’t a problem. On the contrary, the wind is pleasant, and forts look even more lovely while it drizzles.

November To February

The most excellent time to come to any part of Rajasthan, together with Alwar, is winter. From November to February, the complete city is balmy and dry, however, the weather is cold at night. you’ll tramp around without worrying about bearing the warmth or obtaining drenched in the rain. the only downside of traveling during passenger season is that each place gets crowded. Even then, Alwar is a small city that doesn’t attract a lot of tourists. Still, it’s higher to book your hotel in advance and arrange your travels with efficiency since you’d not prefer to lose the little time you have got.

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